Project Linus Update

Yay!! I finished a blanket!!!

In a previous post I mentioned that I was going to crochet a blanket this year for Project Linus. The one blanket commitment I made was to make sure I was able to reach my goal. I am happy to say that the goal has already been met and it’s not even October yet…

Some might say oh wow one blanket, but don’t you realize how many of us are in this world? Even if just 100 people decided to crochet one blanket each, isn’t that 100 blankets?! I might just do a couple more.

I also wrote about The Snuggles Project. It’s the same concept as Project Linus, but for animals. So, I got to spread my projects out and start making a few blankets for some doggy and kitty friends!

Anyways, please enjoy some pictures of my rainbow blanket =)





May this blanket be the love and comfort someone needs…

If you make blankets for Project Linus please share! It doesn’t matter how you made it, would just love to see. You can post them directly onto my Facebook page if you like. I would love to see all the beautiful work.

Thank you for reading friends.



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Snuggles Project: Crocheting for Animals

Hello everyone!

Recently, I wrote about crocheting for a good cause and eventually decided to donate a crochet blanket to the Linus Project. If you don’t know what I am talking about here’s the link to the previous postWell, to keep me accountable, this is a partial update. I started a rainbow chevron blanket.


One of my favorite encouragement sayings is “There’s always a rainbow after the rain”. I hope that whoever receives my blanket, looks at it as a reminder that yes, sometimes in life we go through hardships, but through those hardships, something good comes out of it.

Anyways, I found another charity that you animal lovers might like. It’s called the “Snuggle Project”. You can donate handmade blankets to your local animal shelters. These blankets serve to help give the shelters a home feeling and also helps give the animals something to snuggle to and keep them calm. You can read more about it on their website.  

My cat’s name is Snuggles and this really warmed my heart…It just sucks that so many animals are living in shelters without a home. The thought of being able to donate something they can use is awesome. I know it doesn’t fix the problem, but it does give the shelters a little more love to them. Most shelters I’ve been in had always been cold and bare. So, even though, as I mentioned I am challenged with getting blankets done… This is definitely going to be my next project.

I will be posting more charities that are happy to take handmade items…I hope I can find something that touches your heart, and that you will consider to donate a little of your time to.

To many it may just be a handmade item, but to the receiver thats using your item, it’s probably like love being wrapped around them.

Also, if you think you’re not “crafty” enough, cut that crap out! Yes you are! Take this time to learn a new skill! I would love to teach anyone who wants to learn how to crochet, so they can start making blankets to donate. It’s so easy, I swear! And don’t forget you can sew and knit too! Just shoot me an email =)



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Make a Blanket for Project Linus

Hello Everyone,

One of the charities I am going to start to donate to is Project Linus.

Their Mission:

Provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”

This falls right into what I would like to start doing more with my craftiness.

Want to join in on the fun?

You can go to their website: Project Linus and find a chapter/group near you where you can join and drop off donations.

To be honest blankets kill me…I mean I take forever on them, but this is for a good cause so I accept the challenge. I want to have a goal that is attainable, so I will have to say one blanket by the end of the year, for now.

One blanket might not seem like it makes a difference, but imagine if thousands of us each made a blanket. That’s right. It’s the power of getting together! So join me!

The Lavendar Chair compiled a list of some really cute go to blanket/afghans patterns if you need some ideas.

Now that you have everything you need…Let’s get crafting!





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3 Crochet Goodies You Can Make for Your Kids Back to School

Hello Everyone,

It’s been years since I’ve been in school, but every year I still think about it. Fresh pencils, backpacks, lunch boxes, notepads, and every different color pen you can think of. Those were the days.

What would have been sweeter is if I knew about crochet! I would have bugged my mom about making me some of these crochet accessories. Because, what better way than to start the new school year with a special handmade touch.

I’ll be making some of these for my nieces and nephews. How about you? Click on the links below to visit these wonderful blogs that were willing to share their free patterns!

1. Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me has a cute pattern for a crochet pencil case! How sweet would this be to organize your pens and pencils with?


2. Megan from Left in Knots designed these cute scarf bookmarks! What a cute way to save your spot in a book!


3. Tonya from The Crafty Mummy made these cute leg warmers! Saying goodbye to summer means saying hello to fall, and what better way to keep those legs warm and stylish in school than a pair of leg warmers!


Happy crocheting!



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Wood Jar Planters

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I got another batch of those baby jar foods. I still haven’t used up the last batch I got. I didn’t even clean them yet. In case you have a whole bunch too, check out my tutorial on how to clean them easily! Those sticky labels and glue can scare half the people always from up-cycling those cuties.

Anyways, I decided to nail my jar to a board and made a wood jar planter out of them. Yes, I got the idea off Pinterest. It’s just so useful and cute! You can really use them for anything. I also added some chalk board paint on the bottom so I can write down what the things in the jars are. (Yeah, I know you can see what is actually in the jar…okay? But I thought it would still be cute and obviously…hehehe.)





Ready to make your own?

Here’s what you need:


  • Primer or paint of choice to spray your board or leave it natural
  • Nails
  • Picture hanging bracket
  • Hose clamp (one to fit around your jar)
  • Piece of wood ( I just bought mine at a craft store)
  • Baby food jar (but any jar really)
  • Hammer

First you want to spray your piece of wood and let it dry. (If you are painting it.)

Hammer the hanging bracket to the back of your wood.

Hammer the hose clamp to the front.



My clamp was actually a little too small to go around the body of the baby jar, so it ended up going around the top of the jar. Which was fine, until the jar was tilting away from the board when it was screwed in, because it wasn’t leveled. I stuck a piece of wood chip to the back of the top of the jar to level it. You probably can’t see it in the pictures or have no freakin idea what I am talking about right now…but next time I would get a clamp that fits around the body of the jar…Or don’t…and you will see what I mean…heh



Then, I taped a little rectangle on the bottom and painted it with the chalk board paint.

After…I just put anything I can find in it…hehe




Of course, I had to include my crochet hooks! Well, most of them =)

Now…go and make one and then show me!

Happy Crafting!



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Pochacco Cozy

Hello Everyone!!

Summer is almost gone…is it gone already?! Fall is upon us and it’s time to crank out those cozies. A week ago I made this Hello Kitty Nerd Cozy for your standard coffee cup! Check out the pattern to make your own! Cozies are so simple to make. Every cozy starts out the same, it’s the design you come up with that makes it unique!

My friend requested a Pochacco Cozy for her sister. I jumped on it right away! I was thinking about making a Pochacco one for a while…When it comes to my own stuff I like to procrastinate. BUT when it’s for someone else, it gets done real quick! The motivation! Anyways, you do remember Pochacco don’t you?! He’s part of the Sanrio crew! He’s the cute little dog. My favorite! Here he is…



Pochacco is a mason jar cozy…because his new owner is a mason jar lover? Anyways, to make the pattern for the Hello Kitty Cozy fit, simply make more chains before you connect them together. My magic number was 36 chains, but everyone is different depending on hook size. A better way would just be to measure the chain around whatever you are making a cozy for! The pattern is the same for all cozies regardless of how many chains you make!

Have so much fun making cozies!

Thanks for stopping by!



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Hello Kitty Nerd

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent my time with my nieces. I love them so much!

Anyways, remember the Hello Kitty nerdy cozy?! Well, I decided to turn her into a doll! I made her tiny and put a little cape on her. Just wanted to do a quick share of her! Also, check out the Hello Kitty cozy! Fall is coming up and it’s a cute easy free pattern to dress up those coffee cups!


Thanks for stopping by!



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Crochet Coffee Cozy Pattern

Hi Everyone!

I have been posting a lot of things I made lately, but I want you guys to make stuff too! How about a coffee cozy? Sure, it’s still summer…but the next thing you know it will be fall and then winter! You know…it creeps up quick on you and unexpectedly!

To be honest I don’t drink coffee…but I do drink tea and hot coco…MmMMm…and those come in the same darn cups! So this pattern is basically for everyone!

Coffee cozies are so easy to make. You crochet in a round and then start gluing felt onto them for a design. Or you can also crochet appliques and apply it to your cozy for super cuteness. I went for a nerd Hello Kitty that I saw a picture of on Pinterest! (I would love to link back or give credit if it was your design!) The Hello Kitty was super cute and I was inspired by it. Plus, those glasses looked exactly like mine! OMG twinzies…(I’m really not this dorky…usually…okay I am).

So here goes a basic cozy pattern! Quick and easy! Ready? I am!


This pattern fits a standard coffee cup you get from the shop, but you can simply measure your chains from R1 of pattern against a coffee cup you will be using the cozy on to get a better fit.


  • Crochet Hook: US H / 5mm
  • White yarn ( I used Red Heart)
  • Black, yellow, and red felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


R1: Ch 26

connect last ch to first, ch 1

R2: hdc around, ch 1 (26 sts)

Repeat until desired length. I made about 8 rounds.

Fasten off and weave in tail

Hello Kitty Ears:

Lay your cozy flat and decide where you want the ears to be.

R1: sl hook into st and pull string into a loop, ch1

1 sc into the same st. 1 sc into next three sts, ch 1, turn. (4 sts)

R2: dec 2, ch 1, turn (2 sts)

R3: dec 1

Fasten off and weave in tail

Make second ear onto cozy.

Cut your felt:

Black – glasses, eyes, and whiskers

Yellow- nose

Red- bow

I used hot glue to attach everything…and TA DAH!




Remember you can change the colors of the base and add other designs to make just about any character you want. Or just add a cute little applique! Hearts maybe? I love hearts!

Now go craft!!!

Thanks for stopping by =)



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Geisha Makeup

Hi Everyone!

If you know me, you know that I’m into everything crafty, but when it comes to makeup I am lost. Makeup is totally something I consider a craft that I cannot do. My friend on the other hand is pretty good with makeup. She works on a blank canvas (someone’s face) using different medium of makeup to create something awesome!

Over the weekend I became her canvas, and she turned me in a Geisha. At first, I wasn’t use to seeing my face plastered in white, but after a while I was pretty playful with it and thought it was really fun! Anyways, just wanted to pass along her talent =)



Isn’t she awesome?!

She does makeup from a cute everyday look to the bloody good stuff!

Check out more of Christine’s work on her instagram: @cdmorales10

Thanks for stopping by!



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Clay Minions

Hi Everyone!

Okay. Honestly. I thought the Minion posts would stop after my nieces birthday party…but…no. I am just a total liar. To myself. So, I went over to my sister’s place for dinner…and of course, my nieces were working on clay minions! More minions!

It was a fun little project though. All the ladies sat down and made a minion. It was fun to be crafty together as a family. That rarely happens! So, Minions or not we got to spend some time together. We also compared work and there were a bunch of giggles. I love giggles. Check out the pics below… they might make you giggle too! =)



My five year old niece and her minion! SO CUTE =) I’m a proud aunty!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about minions! Again…



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